The paper has a day off, and I semi-wise as well, doing paper work, finishing the summary for the year-book (which The Husband only has to prove-read, then I can finally mail it), laundry and so on.

This is a good moment to finally update my to-do-list on this blog, and because parting is never easy, I will look back at what I actually finished:

Not finished:

  • Write Thesis – oy
  • Write paper – revision in process
  • Job application for the beginning of 2010 – just needs to be printed and mailed


  • Set up structure for two-day-workshop that The Husband and I are co-taught – it was a really nice event, tiring, exhausting, but we received compliments. Being (much) younger than the audience it was great to hear that we were competent and did a great job together.
  • Prepare class that I am teaching – Yup, done. My last class.
  • Prepare talk for Workshop abroad – DONE! And it was such a nice event!
  • Write Article 2 (30,000 characters), Deadline October – DONE! (Mid November, never late before, and waaaaaaay too long, 38,000 characters plus images. Will see if that will get accepted) No, I had to edit it. Anyway, done that as well! (March 09)
  • Write Article 1 (30,000 characters), Deadline October – Done! 10/28; handed it with 21,000 characters, which is fine  Edited that one as well according to the editors’ wishes (March 09).
  • Set up a modified structure for next semesters class. 09/09 – glad I have not done so as I will be teaching another one than planned. But I need to set up a structure for that one as well DONE!DONE! 🙂 And I like my class. Update: That was a nice class. (February 09)
  • Work in comments for book chapter – DONE! Yes! 09/16 And published in May 2009

The weather is beautiful and I went on a nice in the park nearby.

Nourishment: A roll with curd and orange marmalade and plum jam, herbal tea, water, mashed potatoes and fried ground pork with onions and  gherkin pickled with mustard seeds (The_Husband cooked), a cookie with a large glass of milk, pickled artichokes, olives, broad beans in tomato sauce, and mozzarella with tomatoes for dinner.