The sun is shining, the paperwork done, my desk cleaned from all that stuff, all mails answered (an empty inbox. What a cool feeling! Although that immediately reminds me whom I have not mailed for a long time and should send an email soon), and now I have sorted all books that I need to read and work in The Important Chapter. I do not know when I looked and worked at that chapter the last time, definitely not in August, maybe in July? I doubt it. Now all my attention lays on this chapter, and no paper, no article will be started until I have finished it*. I even said no to two publication that would have been paid. Good girl!

*(well, not completely true, because The Husband and I work on a book that we are editing. Half of the articles have arrived, and we need to write the introduction. But that will be fun. Editing is hard work, but still different from writing a thesis.)

Goal for today: befriend myself with my thesis again.