So finally I printed the chapter and took the printout and my magic revision fountain pen to the park nearby where I sat down and read it. As I have mentioned some time had passed since I worked on it for the last time. The only thing I remember is how much I struggled with it, especially I am not sure yet how to arrange the different sections.

And while I read it I constantly though: Oh my. What a piece of not-connected stuff. I knew that there is still so much work to do, but this chapter right now does not deserve the title as chapter. More as a collections of fragments.
I am so glad that I took some time off (though it would have been helpful if that time off would not have taken that long), because now I am not involved in all those pieces and can take a perspective from above. This might help me while working on it.

I have decided to treat each section as a paper of its own (well, not the first time that I came up with this idea, but time is running and I have a lot of pressure now.), and during the next vacation The Husband has to read them and tell me if their arrangement makes sense 🙂 Or my thesis advisor (right, I _do_ have a thesis advisor.)

So, we have pieces for the following sections (of course all the titles are sort of alienated)

  • Introduction/aim of the chapter (status: okay)
  • What I aim to do with the theory (status: fragments)
  • Theory based on discipline 1 (status: fragments)
  • Connection to discipline 2 (status: does not exist)
  • Theory based on discipline 2 (status: fragments)
  • Empirical evidences (status: fragmentary fragments and missing a lot of literature as there is so much out there. Not regarding the aim of my study, but slightly connected. Or hardly connected at all, but still interesting.)
  • My conclusion (status: fragments)

Wow, listening it like this sounds so easy.

Anyway, today and tomorrow I write a 5-page paper called “What I aim to do with the theory”.