Last night we finally watched “A touch of spice” which sounded promising  – family life, food and politics.
Fanis Iakovides who lives in Athene is expecting a visit from his grandfather who lives in Istanbul but instead receives the news that his grandfather had to got to the hospital. Fanis travels to Istanbul to visit his grandfather in the hospital, and on his way we are transferred three decades ago into the past: Fanis family lives in Konstantinopel. His grandfather trades spices and teaches him a lot about food and life.
In 1963, however, due to the increasing tension Greece and Turkey, the family is deported to Greece. The grandfather is a Turkish citizen and is allowed to stay. He promises to join the family soon, but will never do so.
Fanis has troubles  integrating into Greece. He spends his time cooking and with this linking to his memories.
When Fanis arrives in Istanbul, he meets his childhood love who is married now, and for a second there is the idea of getting together.

The movie is picture wise beautiful, but I am a bit disappointed by the story line. There were a lot of interesting plots (maybe too many to cover them accordingly) – the developments between Turkey and Greece or the problems of a family trying to integrate into a country that is only on the paper their home, feeling alienated, or the passion for food. The stories do not develop very deep and stay a bit superficial – but maybe I am just so disappointed with the ending  – this love story just did not really fit well into the plot, no happy ending or not.