With a couple of friends we went to see the movie “Horst Schlämmer – Isch kandidiere!” – not so much because the movie gets quite some media attention right now but because they are fond of Hape Kerkeling and his “art character” Horst Schlämmer.

Horst Schlämmer works for a local newspaper and feels not being appreciated enough. He is wasting away his talent and seeks a challenge: he decides to run for chancellor. On his way he meets real politicians whom he interviews (kudos to Cem Özdemir) as well as politicians he imitates.

I think the first 30 minutes were entertaining and funny, but his character Schlämmer does not have enough potential to be the plot for a whole movie. When Kerkeling invented Schlämmer some years ago people were not aware of the fact that he was not real and acted naturally around him. This time, however, everyone knows that Schlämmer is an art character, and part of the intented comedy is lost.

The basic concept of the movie is nice – but that’s it. The chance for a good political satire was definitely missed.