About a year ago I inserted the TickerFactory for my thesis, aiming to be done with it by September 1st. Looking back I wonder where these approximately 365 days went. The thesis is far from being done and I feel so unproductive. Why did I not finish it – or at least The Important Chapter?

And what did I get accomplished? I taught a class during fall, and one this summer and had a great teacher-student relationship with most of them. They stop by my office, tell me about their studies, their internships, their vacations, their thesis’ – and ask about mine.

I was invited to present at a workshop abroad (and that being ABD!) and I have a paper accepted for a panel at an international conference which I will present soon (and the paper is written, I just need to set up the presentation). And who knows, maybe there is a tiny little chance of having it published. Not in a fancy peer-reviewed journal, but still.  (And I should be proud of that, I think. My boss is not involved with any international conferences; all my networking there are my accomplishments – with the help of another professor for the first conference a couple of years back.)

I have finished a book chapter that got published this year, I have written two articles for a compendium that will get published this or the next year, and I have written stuff and got paid.

And I organized and hold a workshop.

Nonetheless, my thesis is far from being done. And I really have to finish it by the end of 2009. I just do not know how.

(And there was private and personal stuff going on which I do not want to delve into and it would be too easy to blame that for my inability.)