Time is running by and my contract will expire at the end of the year. It is really time for a cash check regarding the time I have left for working on my thesis.
Goal: I have to hand in a first draft of The Important Chapter on Oct 3rd.
I have 27 days left for working on it. (oops)
– 1 day at the conference where I am giving a presentation
– 1 day at the conference where I want to visit to at least one panel
(I could skip one day at the conference and remember myself that finishing my thesis is now more important than listening to boring and interesting presentations and which will consequently lead me to think about 101 new thesis topics)
– 2 days visiting my family for a birthday
– 6 days being at another conference *gulp*
= 17 days for writing my thesis.

Oh shut. I guess this will be my “Writing a chapter in two weeks”-magical month of academic publishing.