from an exiting weekend, back at the desk. Thursday and Friday I was really productive and wrote or revised five entire pages on The Important Chapter. Now this little subsection is not mere bones anymore, it even has some (muscular) flesh and – even better – some flab on the bones. That felt really really good. No idea if there was is a correlation between my writing process and being off-line entirely ;-)

In the evenings I met with friends which was so nice – and included lots of delicious food.

The weekend was spent in Berlin: on Saturday we went to the demonstration “Freiheit statt Angst” (“Freedom not Fear – stop Surveillance Mania”). The weather was pleasant and it was a nice and interesting walk through Berlin Mitte. There were so many T-shirts and posters with great slogans which are difficult to translate – the play on words would often just get lost.

On Sunday we went to the exhibition “Bauhaus. A Conceptual Model” (about which I will write a separate post) before we headed home. As usual I thought that there is so much to explore in this vivid city which we have not done yet. And one reason is the guilt that academia installs in one’s brain – feeling guilty if you leave the desk for a weekend without having finished your thesis.