Oh my goodness, time goes by so quickly. I know that at least half my posts in the Ivory Tower category state that, but somehow I am still not getting used to the fact.

So much to do and so little time!

The chapter is progressing in slow and tiny steps, but at least it is. I still pause sometimes and wonder if everything fits together, but then tell myself that I should not worry about the sections order as that is something I really can work on when I am revising the whole thing. Now it is merely about writing useful content.

Writing status:

  1. Intro needs revision, of course, but only after the chapter is done
  2. DK and K done so far, will need revision
  3. Explain D and O need a lot of revision, but done content wise
  4. Explain strategy okay so far, will need revision when chapter is progressing
  5. D
  6. Construct discipline 1 desperately needs revision
  7. Construct discipline 2
  8. Old Suggestions
  9. Side note 1
  10. Side note 2
  11. My construct
  12. Emp.
  13. My suggestion

And only 13 days to got from which I will spend some at my parents house, the office, and two conferences. I am so happy that my presentation is all set up and ready to go. No nightshifter needed for that one, which feels so responsible and grown-up 😉

Aim for this week:

Write D (today, tomorrow), write Old Suggestions (Tue) and start on working Construct discipline 2. And then head off to the conferences. Oh my goodness. And the chapter is due in 13 days!

I have to hand in a version that shows at least the bones, their arrangement, and some muscular flesh on it. I do not need flab; flab is for the revision procress after the first commentary comes back. But therefor it needs to be done.