Back from two conferences and two weeks of vacation where I managed to read two books for pleasure. (And two previous postings are still waiting to be set public).

But unfortunately I did not finish two chapters for my thesis ;(  No, not even the one that was intended. However, I finally gave The Husband the first sections to read and am happy with his feedback. It is nowhere close to be well rounded, but apparently I am heading in a good direction and it is a good read, no matter its draft character. So after some work on it I might finally overcome my scrupulosity and hand it to my thesis advisor.

I am back in the workaday life, trying to find my daily routine again. There is still so much more work to do and time is running so fast. And I am struggling with a cold which does not increase my motivation for commuting between Our City and My City at all. Oh, just stop whining. You need your energy for all the projects going on.  I guess cleaning up my desk is a good step to find my routine again.