After fighting a cold, struggling for days with my hard drive (so much time and energy wasted) and on top a short visit to the hospital I slept most of yesterday. Today I am finally at my desk and need to find my still lost working routine. I am so much longing for a daily routine. I guess it might get boring if you have one, doing the same stuff for years and years, but right now that is what I dream about 🙂 Getting up every work day around the same time in the same apartment. I am so tired of commuting between two cities, having to schlep my stuff from the office to my apartment to our apartment and back. The idea of splitting tasks according to the desk is great, but does not work out all the time, especially with all the books from the library. If everything works out I can stay in Our City next week and work from home and making some use of having not to teach this semester. And I need that time as the article is due.

My contract expires at the beginning of next year, but if everything works out I might be able to use the left vacation days – with the result that I will be in the office that last time around Dec 18. Oops. That’s a mere eight weeks from now on.

Alright, once again a do-to-list

  • Thesis:
    • Continue writing The Important Chapter
    • Meet with advisor in November and give her the first two chapters
  • Article I
    • Revise and hand it in on Sunday so that J can proofread it, and sent it in next week.
  • Article II
    • Write editor
    • Ask for permissions
  • Book
    • Write authors
  • Private stuff
    • Write and send wedding card
    • Write and send condolence card
    • Write and sent birthday card
  • Office
    • Write 70+ reports on final papers
    • Sort out my own books
    • Archive final papers
    • Throw stuff away
    • Figure out if office will stay or if I need to empty it completely
  • Apartment
    • Buy furniture for our apartment
    • Move books
    • Move kitchen supplies
  • Blog
    • Set some posts public
    • Book 1
    • Book 2
    • Book 3
    • Movie 1
    • Movie 2
Write and send condolence card