This post was actually intended to get published on October 31st when I finally finished my article, but I did not have a working laptop. Since then the new hard drive arrived and the wonderful My Best Friend* installed everything and it is new and shiny and so empty! Lets just hope it will be as good as the old one (which is still running but too small and thus soon become a Windows only drive) and not the first new one.

* Exactly ten years ago today we hung out for the first time besides class which became the start of one of the most precious friendships I have! I will always remember the date because I watched some ten-years-after-the-wall-came-down reports on TV before I headed off to meet him.

Fast forward ten years: today we are celebrating the fall of the Berlin wall twenty years ago. The Husband and I will eat out in a nice little restaurant tonight. We could not have met if the wall was still there.

However, as the media seems to cover mainly November 1989 I would like to point out that 71 years ago the Progromnacht took place and 91 years ago Philipp Scheidemann proclaimed the Weimar Republic. Three very different historic events that cover the wingspread from terror to democracy – unfortunately November  9th die not become Germany’s national day of remembrance. It would have been a wise move, as these three events are sort of a short summary of our history, a century in fast-motion.

(And yes, as much as this is sort of a triplet one can add that 86 years ago the Beer Hall Putsch took place and in 1848 the liberal leader Robert Blum was executed, though that happened in Vienna if I remember correctly)

Anyway – I was joyfully mentioning of having handed in my article. Sometimes I refer to one of my writing projects as a pregnancy: an idea is growing inside your brain, you nurture it, it grows, you give birth by writing it down and publishing it, and follow its progress. This view might be pretty much based on the fact that the German expression for nurturing an idea literally translated to be pregnant with an idea, schwanger gehen mit einer Idee. And thus this summer I was pregnant with triplets:

(1) the article is handed in, finally, at least for proof reading. I emailed the editor on the due date that I was done and just needed a friend who is a native speaker to check it (and felt to guilty for not having been done with that on time as well). The editor wrote back that there is still lots of time as most articles have not been handed in. So yay for not being the only one. I only need to check the bibliography and maybe work in a reference or two from the pile of books on my desk, just for polishing it further more.

(2) the book my wonderful husband and I are editing is still work in progress. We finished reading all articles during our vacation and sent them back with comments and editing suggestions. The authors have about a month and hopefully will work accordingly, both regarding our suggestions and time frame.

(3) the thesis which feels like an elephant’s pregnancy to me. Now that the article is sent off I can finally focus on that one as well – which I need desperately because I am pregnant for real 🙂