Ah well, thesis again. I guess I need the public humiliation of my failure and thus decided to keep track again of my progress on this blog.

Goal: finish a draft version of _that_ tedious chapter by Jan 31st (unless the child decides to show up really early). That leaves 59 days to do so.

Content: discipline 1 (constructs, methods), discipline 2 (status quo), discipline 3 (normative approaches), discipline 4 (theory as a solution?), discipline 5 (data), my suggestion, conclusion for my study

Structure: That is the big question. Stop thinking about that and just start writing! There will be enough editing time.

Desired length: Uh, dunno? Until I have said everything that is important? No? Alright, how about 70 pages?

State of affairs: 105 pages – some of them are already solid own writing, but most of it is is still in the stage of gibberish: lots of quotes, lots of notes, lots of stuff I will not need and some figures.  105 pages might sound great, but honestly: no. It is like a skeleton missing flesh and fat tissue and skin. And in order to add that I need to read still a lot, as it is a fricking multidisciplinary thesis by now and I wonder if I need to start a whole new degree and graduate in various disciplines before I dare writing about content I did not really study for years.

I will not repeat the structure in the posts, just the progress and my failure – and keep track of the structure on an additional page purely devoted to The Beast.