A weekend before Christmas the move is finally done. Afterwards I sorted stuff in and out and threw some away. We finally have all books united at our apartment in the new shelves that we bought, and they are sorted alphabetically.

I said farewell at the office, just need to go there once more to sign some papers and pick up some folders in January. And the job situation changed and does not look to bad right now, but I do not want to count my chicken before they are hatched and wait until everything is certain.

My thesis has been sleeping a nice winter sleep over Christmas as I decided to get rest. I was just so tired.

I finished my Christmas mail in a record of posting it late – most on Dec 23rd (those letters who had a chance of making it in time, and thanks to the post they did) and on Dec 24th.

Christmas was wonderful with lots of good food and a mix of quietness and full house, walks in the snow and reading on the couch.