respectively my brain?

I am making progress in so tiny steps that they are hardly visible. I guess one of my biggest challenges is to focus on something for a longer period of time again and not get so easily distracted. Or distract myself.

The new cohabitant sleeps and I should use the time to work on the basics. Instead I am blogging and changing the themes. The theme update ate my blogroll (fixed that). And the about page (added the link to the text widget. Hm, apparently this theme does not show other pages…). Ah well.

Okay. Back to the humiliating myself by blogging about my (lack of) progress, I guess. I had the best intentions on Friday, but suddenly my inbox told be that the page proofs of a publishing project had arrived, and so the day was spent working on those. Saturday we went to the sea side, and Sunday just passed by without me noticing it how I spent it. Monday was great – I went to my first pilates class and Tuesday I was happy to feel my muscles. No sourness, more in the sense that I woke them up.

Now it is Wednesday. Okay. Lets start with re-learning about basics. Otherwise I will be doomed when the Referendariat starts.