at least that’s how it feels. On Thursday I was working on relearning the basics. I am amazed how much time I had before the New Cohabitant moved in, and how thriftlessly I made use of all that time. Now I need to make sure I am not wasting the precious time I have for myself. With blogging, for example.

Friday, however, I had to run s lot of little errants like proofreading an article. Which unfortunately made me realize that there is a mistake in an article that is currently in the print. Nothing that will change the course of the world. Not that my academic field would be capable of that anyway. The mistake is something along the line “Hoboken Daily Paper’s headline on March 8th 1984 stated that grass is green (author date page).” Now I found the archive paper and no, the headline does not exists, and grass is not green but has various shades of green and yellow and brown. I _could_ have checked that, but I believed author. And that bothers me. A lot.

But then I spent time with the New Cohabitant and a smile makes everything irrelevant.