I am an ABD currently SAH mom who plans on becoming a certified teacher, starting next year. I live with my family in rural Northern Germany nearby the sea.

We moved here a couple of years ago as the city My_Husband lived in had more or less a hiring freeze. As much as we love (and miss) a lot of aspects of living in a big city we have settled in here. We both love the sea side and thus are happy. I used to commute for some time to MyCity where I was a PhD student but that ended in 2009.

I blog pseudonymous, and just for fun. I am not aiming at becoming an A-blogger, nor is this blog devoted to a certain topic. The idea was to force me writing and publishing it (more or less immediately) as this was one of my problems with thesis writing: the perfectionist in me is sabotaging the quantity of my writing, always on the search for the perfect expression.


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