A weekend before Christmas the move is finally done. Afterwards I sorted stuff in and out and threw some away. We finally have all books united at our apartment in the new shelves that we bought, and they are sorted alphabetically.

I said farewell at the office, just need to go there once more to sign some papers and pick up some folders in January. And the job situation changed and does not look to bad right now, but I do not want to count my chicken before they are hatched and wait until everything is certain.

My thesis has been sleeping a nice winter sleep over Christmas as I decided to get rest. I was just so tired.

I finished my Christmas mail in a record of posting it late – most on Dec 23rd (those letters who had a chance of making it in time, and thanks to the post they did) and on Dec 24th.

Christmas was wonderful with lots of good food and a mix of quietness and full house, walks in the snow and reading on the couch.


Today is one of the days I wish I had stayed in bed. A gray, cloudy sky and lots of rain. I broke one of my glasses and that money could definitely have been spent much nicer. Suddenly my thesis file does not compile without error messages and warnings. Half the references are suddenly unknown – and I did not change anything from the last time I used it (when it complied just fine) and today. I am wasting so much energy and time on this crap which I could use for reading and writing that thesis. Maybe I just should have used OO like everybody else instead of JabRef and LaTeX. And I am unhappy with the picture quality of The Husband’s new camera which is just the icing on this day. And I am still waiting for the proof-read version of my article which I sent a month ago. I am so grateful that my friend reads it – but she wanted to send it back a while ago and is suddenly out of office and I have no clue when she will be online again. I hope the editors will still accept it. And of course I am still frustrated about the rejection for the Referendariatsplatz – now I need to go to the employment center and tell them I will be unemployed soon.

On the other hand I know that I should stop complaining immediately as everything else is wonderful and we are happy and healthy.

Additionally I am able to cross off a lot on my to-do-list. I am almost done with commuting. The meeting with my thesis advisor was fine. She liked the first two chapters and waits for more. Me, too. I really need to get a huge chunk done until the end of January.

I cleaned most of my office, organized the department’s Christmas party for the last time, and postponed my farewell party after Christmas. I only need to write a bunch of evaluations for my students and file them.

A couple of days ago I received a really nice CD as a present – Bach’s Mass in b minor and enjoy listening to it very much.
Speaking about music: The Husband and I decided that we will spend a weekend in Berlin, meeting friends, and visiting a concert: the Weihnachtsoratorium performed at the Berliner Dom. Tickets are already purchased.

And I am finally, finally done moving all books from my office and my apartment to our apartment. Each week I filled the trunk with books which was easier for me than organizing one big move. Last weekend The Husband and I have sorted all books into the new shelves, finally merging our assets.   And of course we sorted them alphabetically, so in my short what-have-I-read-reviews I could now add the line “putting the book back to the shelf between book a and book c” –  as seen on Isabo’s blog.
It is good that I am done by now as I had to realize last week that walking down the stairs with small piles of books is fine, but walking up the stairs without books but my growing belly becomes exhausting after a couple of turns.

Being pregnant is awesome. I love it.

The Husband is on a eight-days-school trip and i am spending the time in My City, enjoying the time for myself. there is so much on my to do list for my thesis. but where did last week go? and what did i get done?  i wasted two wonderful work days at home, because i got new windows. it was cold, and i was tired, and just wanted to curl on my bed and sleep, which i was not able to do because there was construction going on. i cleaned the apartment on the first day after they left, and the second after they finally finally left, and once more on the third day. now all is nice and clean – except the walls which need to be repapered.  and painted. i assume this will cost me two additional days. but i really really want to get done with my questionnaire this month. and there are still so many studies that i need to read.

nonetheless, i just handed in the book chapterlet – finally. so glad. and the next deadlines are in six – no, four – what FOUR?! weeks. oy. i just realized it while typing. so many books are piling up and i have no idea where to start.

i would love to leave the office and drive home, but i am sure that i would just cuddle in my bed and drink tea and do nothing, and the deadlines are coming closer. so i force myself to stay here until 6pm and start the first of the two compendium articles, which luckily covers exactly the same topic than the book chapterlet did. at least no additional reading for that one.

Back in Our City. It is still just such a nice feeling to eat without braces, to clean your teeth without braces – and the difference between the pre- and post pictures are amazing.

Ok, time plan for September: read, read, read until Wednesday until I have to go back to the office (hurray for thesis advisors who are not in the office this week which allows me to spend time in Our City).

Wednesday Office, Thursday and Friday construction workers in my apartment, read read read the following week and then write up the structure for the interviews. Hand it to my thesis advisor and wait for feedback. In the meantime write article 1 and 2. Oy, and I have to work in the comments on the chapter – well, that has to be finished tonight. So no surfing the world wide web today. start.work.now!

still no phone and internet at our place yet.

i am so tired. there is so much to write about but i just lack the energy to do so.

No internet at our apartment yet, and so sign that the company is working on solving the problem.

Y needs help with her master thesis. I have read what she has written so far, and returned it to her with one single question: what is your research question? Why, oh why, did she not hand it to me earlier as I had begged her to do? I told her that she needs to figure out what she is focusing in the beginning before she writes pages and pages that are not connected with each other! Now we have about three weeks to turn this into a properly structured thesis. And why oh why does her advisor not care? She told her just to hand it in, and she did not dare to molest her with further questions. Now we have 80 pages that need to be restructured to a research question that we still need to figure out.

Oh advisors! Be more aware of your responsibilities!

So how do I restructure my monster class of 60 students? s-i-x-t-y. not all show up each week, which is an additional burden, because they do not know what we have covered the week they were missing. If we had just split them up into three classes in the beginning. if if if. At least the interaction in the “small” (30 students) morning class gives me good feedback.

And so much paper work requires running from pillar to post. Nevertheless: the date is set. Not the 31st, as I wanted, but the 27th.

In almost three weeks we will get married.

Now we need to solve the question of what to wear and where to go for lunch after the ceremony.

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