but the soup was so delicious that I decided to post the picture and recipe anyway.

  1. Heat olive oil in a big pot
  2. Chop
    • two leeks,
    • two (small) zucchini,
    • and one eggplant

    into small pieces and steam them in the oil for a couple of minutes

  3. Add
    • 1 liter vegetable stock,
    • chick peas (my glass was about 250 gram which I think was too little),
    • two cans of tomatoes (either whole peeled, then you need to cut them into pieces, or ground ones),
    • frozen spinach (I used half a box, maybe 250 gram),
    • and – if you like garlic 1-3 crushed cloves.
  4. Season as you like it (salt, pepper…)
  5. Let it cook for a while – maybe 10 minutes


(I really need to work on my kitchen and cooking vocabulary…)