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The year ends not as planned, with me sick first and then the New Cohabitant our traveling plans have to be changed.
Thanks to the help of my parents we finished the book project, sent in the document, and can enjoy the evening with a glass of champagne.


at least that’s how it feels. On Thursday I was working on relearning the basics. I am amazed how much time I had before the New Cohabitant moved in, and how thriftlessly I made use of all that time. Now I need to make sure I am not wasting the precious time I have for myself. With blogging, for example.

Friday, however, I had to run s lot of little errants like proofreading an article. Which unfortunately made me realize that there is a mistake in an article that is currently in the print. Nothing that will change the course of the world. Not that my academic field would be capable of that anyway. The mistake is something along the line “Hoboken Daily Paper’s headline on March 8th 1984 stated that grass is green (author date page).” Now I found the archive paper and no, the headline does not exists, and grass is not green but has various shades of green and yellow and brown. I _could_ have checked that, but I believed author. And that bothers me. A lot.

But then I spent time with the New Cohabitant and a smile makes everything irrelevant.

respectively my brain?

I am making progress in so tiny steps that they are hardly visible. I guess one of my biggest challenges is to focus on something for a longer period of time again and not get so easily distracted. Or distract myself.

The new cohabitant sleeps and I should use the time to work on the basics. Instead I am blogging and changing the themes. The theme update ate my blogroll (fixed that). And the about page (added the link to the text widget. Hm, apparently this theme does not show other pages…). Ah well.

Okay. Back to the humiliating myself by blogging about my (lack of) progress, I guess. I had the best intentions on Friday, but suddenly my inbox told be that the page proofs of a publishing project had arrived, and so the day was spent working on those. Saturday we went to the sea side, and Sunday just passed by without me noticing it how I spent it. Monday was great – I went to my first pilates class and Tuesday I was happy to feel my muscles. No sourness, more in the sense that I woke them up.

Now it is Wednesday. Okay. Lets start with re-learning about basics. Otherwise I will be doomed when the Referendariat starts.

and I am back at my desk, drinking decaf coffee. I need to prepare for teaching next year, especially one of the subjects. Time goes by so quickly, and the New Cohabitant wants attention and prefers sleeping at night (wonderful) and not sleeping during the day which reduces my time to work a lot. So I need a plan of action. I already looked at the curriculum of said subject and divided it into four topics that I NEED to know. There is one small topic I just ignore and will learn while teaching it. Nonetheless, I need to repeat basics as well.

  • September – basics
  • October – Topic one (lets call it “Applied Topic”)
  • November – Topic two (which we could call “Friday”)
  • December – Topic three (which we call “Beauty”)
  • January – Topic four (which we call “Russian”)

Now I wonder if anyone can guess what I am going to teach 🙂

That needs to work out, especially as I am co-editing a book in the fall, planing on a vacation, planning to visit My Old City, visiting AB in the South and visiting K who moves to Europe from the other side of the ocean, and I have two or three articles that would love to be written. Oops.

I better start now while the New Cohabitant sleeps.

I finally handed the article in! Yay!

I am not very happy with my conclusion – there is definitely some polishing missing between the theory and the case study. But I just cannot solve it, I am too involved in the whole thing and have no distance. Hopefully the editors will accept it and maybe they have a solution.

But right now I am just happy! (except there is no thesis progress to report).

K sent me her suggestions/corrections for the article which I have been working in. No energy left for thoughts about my thesis.

Today is one of the days I wish I had stayed in bed. A gray, cloudy sky and lots of rain. I broke one of my glasses and that money could definitely have been spent much nicer. Suddenly my thesis file does not compile without error messages and warnings. Half the references are suddenly unknown – and I did not change anything from the last time I used it (when it complied just fine) and today. I am wasting so much energy and time on this crap which I could use for reading and writing that thesis. Maybe I just should have used OO like everybody else instead of JabRef and LaTeX. And I am unhappy with the picture quality of The Husband’s new camera which is just the icing on this day. And I am still waiting for the proof-read version of my article which I sent a month ago. I am so grateful that my friend reads it – but she wanted to send it back a while ago and is suddenly out of office and I have no clue when she will be online again. I hope the editors will still accept it. And of course I am still frustrated about the rejection for the Referendariatsplatz – now I need to go to the employment center and tell them I will be unemployed soon.

On the other hand I know that I should stop complaining immediately as everything else is wonderful and we are happy and healthy.

Additionally I am able to cross off a lot on my to-do-list. I am almost done with commuting. The meeting with my thesis advisor was fine. She liked the first two chapters and waits for more. Me, too. I really need to get a huge chunk done until the end of January.

I cleaned most of my office, organized the department’s Christmas party for the last time, and postponed my farewell party after Christmas. I only need to write a bunch of evaluations for my students and file them.

A couple of days ago I received a really nice CD as a present – Bach’s Mass in b minor and enjoy listening to it very much.
Speaking about music: The Husband and I decided that we will spend a weekend in Berlin, meeting friends, and visiting a concert: the Weihnachtsoratorium performed at the Berliner Dom. Tickets are already purchased.

And I am finally, finally done moving all books from my office and my apartment to our apartment. Each week I filled the trunk with books which was easier for me than organizing one big move. Last weekend The Husband and I have sorted all books into the new shelves, finally merging our assets.   And of course we sorted them alphabetically, so in my short what-have-I-read-reviews I could now add the line “putting the book back to the shelf between book a and book c” –  as seen on Isabo’s blog.
It is good that I am done by now as I had to realize last week that walking down the stairs with small piles of books is fine, but walking up the stairs without books but my growing belly becomes exhausting after a couple of turns.

Being pregnant is awesome. I love it.

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