and I am back at my desk, drinking decaf coffee. I need to prepare for teaching next year, especially one of the subjects. Time goes by so quickly, and the New Cohabitant wants attention and prefers sleeping at night (wonderful) and not sleeping during the day which reduces my time to work a lot. So I need a plan of action. I already looked at the curriculum of said subject and divided it into four topics that I NEED to know. There is one small topic I just ignore and will learn while teaching it. Nonetheless, I need to repeat basics as well.

  • September – basics
  • October – Topic one (lets call it “Applied Topic”)
  • November – Topic two (which we could call “Friday”)
  • December – Topic three (which we call “Beauty”)
  • January – Topic four (which we call “Russian”)

Now I wonder if anyone can guess what I am going to teach 🙂

That needs to work out, especially as I am co-editing a book in the fall, planing on a vacation, planning to visit My Old City, visiting AB in the South and visiting K who moves to Europe from the other side of the ocean, and I have two or three articles that would love to be written. Oops.

I better start now while the New Cohabitant sleeps.



About a year ago I inserted the TickerFactory for my thesis, aiming to be done with it by September 1st. Looking back I wonder where these approximately 365 days went. The thesis is far from being done and I feel so unproductive. Why did I not finish it – or at least The Important Chapter?

And what did I get accomplished? I taught a class during fall, and one this summer and had a great teacher-student relationship with most of them. They stop by my office, tell me about their studies, their internships, their vacations, their thesis’ – and ask about mine.

I was invited to present at a workshop abroad (and that being ABD!) and I have a paper accepted for a panel at an international conference which I will present soon (and the paper is written, I just need to set up the presentation). And who knows, maybe there is a tiny little chance of having it published. Not in a fancy peer-reviewed journal, but still.  (And I should be proud of that, I think. My boss is not involved with any international conferences; all my networking there are my accomplishments – with the help of another professor for the first conference a couple of years back.)

I have finished a book chapter that got published this year, I have written two articles for a compendium that will get published this or the next year, and I have written stuff and got paid.

And I organized and hold a workshop.

Nonetheless, my thesis is far from being done. And I really have to finish it by the end of 2009. I just do not know how.

(And there was private and personal stuff going on which I do not want to delve into and it would be too easy to blame that for my inability.)

I heart you so much.

I asked them to help me with filling out an online questionnaire as I need some data regarding a research question and they email me back so cute emails, telling me that they love to help.

Miss them already although I will continue to work here for a couple of months.

Back in My City for a couple of days; lots of papers from my students are arriving at the office and need to be read, corrected and graded. Oh how I love those emails that say things like “I know I hand it in one/two/three semesters later than I should have. Oh, and I need the grade tomorrow.”

I guess my thesis will have some rest for a couple of days.

And books from the library are piling up. Hopefully it will not be too hot for reading and understanding the literature 🙂

The paper has a day off, and I semi-wise as well, doing paper work, finishing the summary for the year-book (which The Husband only has to prove-read, then I can finally mail it), laundry and so on.

This is a good moment to finally update my to-do-list on this blog, and because parting is never easy, I will look back at what I actually finished:

Not finished:

  • Write Thesis – oy
  • Write paper – revision in process
  • Job application for the beginning of 2010 – just needs to be printed and mailed


  • Set up structure for two-day-workshop that The Husband and I are co-taught – it was a really nice event, tiring, exhausting, but we received compliments. Being (much) younger than the audience it was great to hear that we were competent and did a great job together.
  • Prepare class that I am teaching – Yup, done. My last class.
  • Prepare talk for Workshop abroad – DONE! And it was such a nice event!
  • Write Article 2 (30,000 characters), Deadline October – DONE! (Mid November, never late before, and waaaaaaay too long, 38,000 characters plus images. Will see if that will get accepted) No, I had to edit it. Anyway, done that as well! (March 09)
  • Write Article 1 (30,000 characters), Deadline October – Done! 10/28; handed it with 21,000 characters, which is fine  Edited that one as well according to the editors’ wishes (March 09).
  • Set up a modified structure for next semesters class. 09/09 – glad I have not done so as I will be teaching another one than planned. But I need to set up a structure for that one as well DONE!DONE! 🙂 And I like my class. Update: That was a nice class. (February 09)
  • Work in comments for book chapter – DONE! Yes! 09/16 And published in May 2009

The weather is beautiful and I went on a nice in the park nearby.

Nourishment: A roll with curd and orange marmalade and plum jam, herbal tea, water, mashed potatoes and fried ground pork with onions and  gherkin pickled with mustard seeds (The_Husband cooked), a cookie with a large glass of milk, pickled artichokes, olives, broad beans in tomato sauce, and mozzarella with tomatoes for dinner.

Actually for a week already, but my boss is gone until next Monday. Last week I spent entirely in My City, getting used to work again, and this week until Sunday in Our City.

The two weeks of vacation were wonderful. The Husband and I started our vacation with visiting a concert. The next day we met his former PhD advisor for coffee and cake and dinner which was just lovely. In contrast to my thesis advisor he asked questions about my progress and my problems, and it was a good feedback.
We left that same night to drive to my parents where we spent a couple of wonderful lazy days, eating plenty of wonderful food, reading lots, going on a walk each night. We left the next weekend and went to my parents-in-law where we stayed a couple of days, celebrating my brother-in-laws birthday (unfortunately we forgot to bring the pictures along we took at his wedding a month ago), sailing, etc. Afterwards we spent some days at Our City, went on a day-trip or two, and on the last day had a lovely barbecue with friends.

There is work piling up:
– Writing an article for a conference, due in a week
– Writing a summarization of my thesis for the yearbook of my association in which all current thesis’ projects are published, due a week ago.
– Editing a compendium with The Husband.

No classes to prepare as I am done 🙂 But I need to get my application done for next year when my job ends (I will start a training to teach secondary schools which will last two years and be hell.) And before that training starts in the beginning of 2010 I HAVE TO FINISH MY THESIS.

And as I see some of the bloggers I read regularly are posting their daily menu (there was a “lets blog daily-journal-wise” trend), I will give that one a try as well.
Nourishment today: a slice of bread with strawberry jam made by my mother, a cup of anis-caraway-tea, salad and thick-cut fries, vanilla-and-hazelnut-gelato, lots of water, apricot and orange juice, two slices of bread with cheddar on one and vegetarian onion lard on the other, and home-grown tomatoes.

My last day of class is over. Not only for this semester, but for the time while I am still employed in this contract: I do not need to teach next semester, and than I am out.

My students were cute and organized a breakfast for which they baked cake, brought fruits etc. – and we did get the work done. Overall it was a nice class, and I am glad that I leave teaching at the university with such a nice closure (and not my horror intro class of 93 students).

And now I am offline for a two week vacation in which I will only read for pleasure!

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