Two relaxing weeks in Denmark.


Oh how I longed for them. I really need to digest what my Ausbilder are telling me, their suggestions for improvement. But being in the daily grind there is hardly any time to do so, because there is always a lesson that needs to be prepared or a lesson that I want to show – and those need even more preparation, especially writing the Unterrichtsentwurf. And then there is La Primavera, who waits eagerly when I come home and wants to play with me. Preparing lessons is only possible when she is in bed.

I am looking forward to process my experience. And to sleep in, at least as much as one can sleep in with a 1 1/2 year old.

and hoping.

It was a lovely vacation with my dear friend and her family. La Primera enjoyed it a lot, especially hanging out with my friend’s two sons. The older one loved her as well. The younger one struggled a bit that he was suddenly not the little one anymore but La Primera.

We went to Keukenhof which was beautiful.

Besides that we just talked and talked and talked. I miss having her living two blocks away like in the good ol’ times of my graduate studies. I am glad that she lives on this side of the big pond again, but unfortunately they will leave again next year.

I am wondering why I do not travel to see her more often, or at least call her on a regular basis. Our friendship, however, has never been based much on calling each other regularly, it is more about seeing each other, spending time together.

Unfortunately and as always time went by way too quickly, and if traveling by train with a toddler and luggage would not be so troublesome I would go there again next weekend.

It is funny how quickly one turns into the cliché of a teacher: just waiting for the vacation to start. And I do not even have that many classes to teach.

I am looking forward to go to the Netherlands for a couple of days and visit friends of mine. Luckily I have no exams to grade. A couple of days before this trip I will attend a conference and present a paper.This feels a little bit weired. I wrote the paper some months ago, while i was still a SAH mom, and felt more like an ABD than a teacher. This has changed. I sort of feel home at school, feel most of the time comfortable teaching (and thus have only received positive feedback from my advisors) – and academia is so so so far away. I will read the paper again on the trip to the conference. It will be interesting to read it with so much distance.

And suddenly it is the end of March. I had thought that starting the Referendariat would make me finally become a more regular writer again, but quite the contrary. Orientation week was hellish – suddenly I was away from home for 12, 13 hours. I was relieved that La Primera (lets name The New Cohabitant this way and see if that fits) adjusted so well – she and Mi Marido (ah well, how about a new name for The Husband as well) had a good time.

Teaching is fun and work. Some classes are more fun than others.  I am constantly thinking about the next teaching unit. And I am like a cliché teacher – I long for the vacation. I long for sorting papers. The files on my desk grow and grow and grow each time In turn around.

Breakfast with my beloved ones, and then heading to a day of teaching and workshop.